EDI SaaS: Advancing the B2B Ecosystem in the Cloud

Managing the supply chain in an uncertain world

Cloud-based SaaS EDI allows the enterprise to focus on their core operations. SaaS deployments shift from a capital expenditure (CapEx) model to an operating expenditure (OpEx) model.

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Key Takeaways

Criteria to consider when selecting an EDI provider:

  • Pricing and delivery model of the software vendor.
  • Availability and cost of finding and training talent: inhouse systems require. Resources from IT specialists who have skills and experience with EDI. For example, EDI translator software requires significant labor from IT for EDI coordinators that monitor and manage EDI processes.
  • API integration capabilities

Benefits to Moving to Cloud and SaaS

  • Cost and maintenance of hardware, including fail-over/disaster recovery systems
  • Cost and maintenance of software, including manual coordination to accommodate many standardized formats and exchange protocols.
  • Time lost from troubleshooting.
  • Making changes to messages and protocols are time consuming and costly to deploy.
  • Lost sales and tarnished brand reputation from lost customers.

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