WMS implementation in a remote world
Overcoming Covid-19’s impact
on in-person collaboration
The complexities of implementing a warehouse management system (WMS) traditionally required support teams to be on site for extended periods of time. When the coronavirus forced lockdowns and travel bans in early 2020, Generix Group was on the cusp of several large-scale WMS go-lives. This forced the Generix team to quickly put into practice the most refined elements of effective project management practices, coupled with the latest communications and project management tools.

The result was seven successful go-lives in distribution and manufacturing operations throughout the mid-west US. This eBook explores several best practices for remote project implementation as well as the adaptations that Generix Group put in place as it successfully reinvented its project implementation methodology and ways of working.
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Warehousing Educational Research Council Webinar
Extraordinary measures have been taken to keep goods and services moving. The need to quickly develop and adopt new capabilities that ensure long-term resiliency is now firmly on everyone’s minds.
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