Solochain Live Interactive Webcast
Wednesday, April 14 1 PM ET
See how SOLOCHAIN WMS and MES could fit into your supply chain execution solution strategy.
This webcast is a guided tour provided by Senior Supply Chain Experts, including a live Q&A at the end of session. 
Share your challenges at the beginning of the presentation to influence what we will cover, all from the comfort of your office!
  • Generix Introduction

  1. Supply Chain Network
  2. Inbound Processes
  3. Warehousing Processes
  4. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Processes
  5. Item Traceability Reporting
  6. Outbound Processes
  • Overview of SOLOCHAIN Mobile Processes
  1. Inbound Receiving Process
  2. Outbound Picking Process
  • Overview of Generix Back Office, Customer Solution Release
  • Question and Answer Period
  • Final Words
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Warehousing Educational Research Council Webinar
Extraordinary measures have been taken to keep goods and services moving. The need to quickly develop and adopt new capabilities that ensure long-term resiliency is now firmly on everyone’s minds.
Manufacturing and the new normal 
For manufacturers, the new normal is characterized by a variety of factors: shocks to consumer demand, both in the volume and the variety of manufactured goods consumed; shocks to workforce presence, composition, and location; and significant supply chain fragility, component and raw material inventory shortages affecting production and resulting stockouts affecting sales.