Solochain WMS Live Interactive Webcast
Wednesday, August 11  at 1 PM ET
Discover how SOLOCHAIN WMS and MES can fit into your supply chain
solution execution strategy from the experts in supply chain resiliency.
  • Generix Introduction

  1. Supply Chain Network
  2. Inbound Processes
  3. Warehousing Processes
  4. Manufacturing Execution System (MES) Processes
  5. Item Traceability Reporting
  6. Outbound Processes
  • Overview of SOLOCHAIN Mobile Processes
  1. Inbound Receiving Process
  2. Outbound Picking Process
  • Overview of Generix Back Office, Customer Solution Release
  • Question and Answer Period
  • Final Words
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WMS Decision Making Guide
This eBook will propose a structured approach to your WMS evaluation project, enabling you to understand your options for optimizing your warehouse operations.