Generix scored 100% willingness* to recommend in the 2023 Gartner® Voice of the Customer for Warehouse Management Systems

Generix - LP

Generix is thrilled to be recognized in the Gartner Voice of Customer report, that we feel underlines our dedication to advancing Warehouse Management Systems (WMS).

In this highly competitive market, we believe Generix's inclusion in the report signifies our alignment with industry needs and criteria. While currently positioned in the Aspiring Quadrant, our focus on continuous enhancement ensures our products align with market expectations: we are committed to growth and improvement based on valuable user feedback.

With 20 reviews and ratings in the 18-month period ending August 2023, Generix Group's presence in the Gartner Voice of Customer report reflects our ongoing efforts to meet user expectations, with a 100% willingness to recommend score.

Choosing Generix means investing in a solution provider committed to growth and responsiveness. We embrace the opportunity to enhance our offerings, with your valuable insights playing a crucial role in shaping the future of our WMS solutions.

Join us on this journey towards excellence in warehouse management and supply chain execution!

*Based on total 20 reviews as of August 31, 2023

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About Generix Group

Why Generix WMS and SOLOCHAIN

Generix WMS and SOLOCHAIN are highly complementary solutions. Thanks to its exceptional functional scope and standard processes, Generix WMS covers the needs of customers in a large number of industries, often with complex challenges: stored, cross-dock, e-commerce, mix-flows, multi-trade and multi-customer flows on the same site, whatever the constraints linked to the products (ambient, fresh and frozen, etc.)

Peer Review for SOLOCHAIN WMS

"The Generix Group is an incredibly talented, industry knowledgeable, and customer centric team of individuals. During our selection/award/implementation life cycle I've interacted directly with Implementations, Development, Integration, QA, Customer Care, Sales, Marketing, and Corporate Executives. There hasn't been an individual I've encountered that wasn't deeply knowledgeable about their Solochain WMS solution, nor have I encountered anyone who wasn't fully committed to making the Solochain WMS best in class!"

Generix Group is an expert in the Collaborative Supply Chain with presence in 60 countries thanks to its subsidiaries and network of partners. More than 6,000 companies around the world use its SaaS solutions. The group’s 800 employees provide daily assistance to clients such as Danone, Brock Supply, Domino’s Pizza, Marucci Sports, Cascades, Boral North America, Displays2Go and Browns Shoes in the digital transformation of their Supply Chains. Its collaborative platform, Generix Supply Chain Hub, helps companies keep their promises to their customers. It connects companies to all their partners so together they can operate physical flows, digitize information flows, and collaboratively manage processes in real time. 

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